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Fishing Report

From Steve Sedani - Licensed Wisconsin Fishing Guide

August 1, 2017

Anglers have been finding some nice bluegills biting on the Chetek chain of lakes!

Bluegill anglers are finding some nice bluegills as they drift fish in 5-8 ft of water with submerged wood and weed edges in the area. Bobber fishing or vertical jigging a hook and sinker rig off the side of the boat as you drift seem to be working well for anglers. Tipping your hook with a waxie or worm will entice them to bite. 

Crappie anglers are finding some good size crappies in the same areas that the bluegill anglers are catching fish. Drifting these same 5-8 ft areas will produce some nice crappies. Vertical jigging your favorite crappie jigs tipped with a waxie or crappie minnow will work well to entice their bite.

Bass anglers are finding some good action on top water bait in the early morning hours and evening hours of the day along weed edges and weed mats. You will find them busting the surface as they are chasing minnows around. Buzz baits and spinner baits work well when they are chasing and so will floating rapalas twitched on the water surface in the pockets and edges.  Northern pike anglers are finding some good pike action also in water depths of 5-8 ft of water where the bluegill and crappies are hanging. You will also find them chasing bait fish like the bass that are along the pockets and weed edges. Spoon baits spinner baits rapalas, rattle traps and any other weed less baits on the market will work well to entice some savage strikes from the lurking pike.

Walleye anglers are finding as the water temps start hitting the 80s the walleyes are starting to suspend more in the water column. Lindy rigs and bottom bouncers can work well at this time with live bait such as sucker minnows, night crawlers or fat head minnows. Leeches are getting hard to find at this time of the year. Trolling for walleyes is also another good way at this time of the year to pick up suspending walleyes. You can troll with live bait or you can use artificial baits such as husky jerks, rapalas or shad rap type baits to trigger strikes from the walleyes.

Recently we had a boating accident from a boater using bad judgment with a young child on a tube being pulled. Thank god the child is doing ok and survived. When boating, things can go from good to bad in a matter of seconds when not paying attention and using bad judgment on the lake.  Please to all boaters using the Chetek chain on these hot summer days please be careful and use good boating skills and practices. Stay in your lanes and slow down in no wake areas and pay attention to what is in front of you, not to what’s on shore.  When driving your boat or pontoon please refrain from using alcohol. We in Chetek want everyone to have fun but to be safe so you can go home to your families after a day on the Chetek chain of lakes. Think before you crash or sink please!



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