Steve Sedani
WI Licensed Guide

Voodoo Fish Scent
It's Magic

Hand made for fishermen, by a fisherman.  Tried and tested on many Wisconsin lakes for many years.


I caught three Walleyes on 12/31/07 in a 30 minute period, this is
the quickest limit of Walleyes I have ever caught, If you get close to
fish, they can't resist VooDoo Fish Scent.

1 oz bottles available in different blends for use with summer and winter fishing.


  • Game fish blend

  • Bass and Trout blend

  • Pan fish blend

Cost: $4.26/bottle + tax and shipping
Discounts available: Save 5% on 15 bottles or more
                            B.A.S.S. Members save 5%


To order contact:
Steve Sedani
819A 25-1/4 St.
Chetek WI 54728